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Sourcing and engaging the right staff for your business doesn’t always happen at a local level, particularly if the skill set and experience required can’t be found in your region. At The Ayers Group, we provide immigrations solutions in Australia, in order to help you hire the best people for the job, no matter where they’re from.

Sponsoring workplace talent from beyond Australia can be the answer, but this often leads to a minefield of paperwork and an administrative nightmare. Instead, leave an immigration assistant at The Ayers Group to cover all of your migration solutions, including organising potential employees visa requirements. will no longer be an unnecessary burden to your business.

Source Employees by Utilising Our On Hire Labour Agreement in Australia

Having been granted an on-hire labour agreement by the Department of Immigration, we can offer suitable immigration solutions in Australia by assisting your business with the labour hire contract agreement for up to 4 years on the business 457 sponsorship. The labour hire agreement 457 sponsorship option gives you access to skilled resources for your projects, no matter where they reside.

An immigration assistant at The Ayers Group will help you to obtain a Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) should your organisation need to fulfil a specific role, as well as lodging all of the individual labour hire agreement 457 visa sponsorship, residency and citizenship application forms on your behalf. Our goal is to make things easier for you, so that you can focus on what matters. By obtaining an SBS, you can source international talent to work with you directly for up to 4 years. In order to be able to avail to all of these services, a labour hire contract agreement is required, which will be organised by The Ayers Group.

Choosing The Ayers Group for Corporate Migration Services

We take things out of your hands to leave you with the time to take care of important aspects of your business.

From contractor management when it comes to exercising greater control of governance and risk to avoiding lengthy paperwork and unnecessary stresses that come with organising your employees on hire labour agreement in Australia, you can trust in The Ayers Group.

Contact us via our online form with any questions or call us on 1300 767 391 and we’ll take care of your migration solutions today.

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