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Sourcing and engaging the right staff for your business doesn’t always happen at a local level, particularly if the skill set and experience required can’t be found in your region.

Sponsoring workplace talent from beyond Australia can be the answer, but this often leads to a minefield of paperwork and an administrative nightmare. However, it doesn’t need to be a burden to your business.

Having been granted an On-Hire Labour Hire Agreement by the Department of Immigration, we can offer the perfect migration solutions by assisting your business with the on-hire of contractors for up to 4 years on business 457 sponsorship, giving you access to skilled resources for your projects, no matter where they reside.

Ayers can also help you to obtain a Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) should your organisation need to fulfil a specific role. By obtaining an SBS, you can source international talent to work with you directly for up to 4 years.

We pride ourselves on providing honest, accurate and up to date advice on immigration to ensure a smooth SBS process, with guaranteed compliance across all legal regulations. We will prepare your SBS for you and then lodge all of the individual 457 visa sponsorship, residency and citizenship application forms on your behalf.

By availing of our migration solutions, you can avoid lengthy paperwork and the time needed to liaise with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Our promise is to ensure that we do the work for you by taking the hassle out of your hands, leaving you to take care of other important business.

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