Payroll Software Solutions from Ayers

If you prefer to run the payroll yourself, try our cloud-based software, which is flexible and simple to use. Whether you have one employee or thousands, our payroll software is designed to make your life a whole lot easier and is among the best on offer throughout Australia.

With its in-built awards library, employee portal and scheduling functionality, Ayers’ payroll software enables you to pay your staff from anywhere, provided that you have Internet access. Our payroll system software can be integrated with most accounting packages, allowing you to save time and money on accounting costs. Also, we can provide installation and training packages.

Benefits of Our Payroll System Software

Cloud compatibility: Our payroll software works on a cloud-based system, which enables you to access it from anywhere with an Internet connection, ensuring that your staff get paid on time, every time. This functionality allows you to take care of all of your payroll tasks without being confined to the office.

Cost effective and compliant: Our software can be integrated with almost all accounting packages, which means that you can reduce your accounting costs, as well as saving a substantial amount of time. Also, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be working with quality, user-friendly payroll software, allowing you to get the job done to perfection without any difficulty.

Installation and training: Not only can we provide you with excellent payroll software, we can also help you to get the entire system set up. Plus, we offer expert training packages on all of our software, so that before long, you will have a deep knowledge of the software. Remember, too, that we are also here to help if you have any questions after it is installed.

Need more information about our payroll software? Contact us today on 1300 767 391 and a member of our experienced team will assist you.

  • Cloud

  • Integrate with
    most accounting

  • Electronic

  • Time &

  • Rostering

  • Employee
    self service

  • compliant

  • Flexible

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