When you work with multiple contractors, processing timesheets, generating invoices, and making payments all takes time and adds to the workload. The more contractors you have on board, the more time it takes and the greater the likelihood of errors when data is manually entered across systems.

At the Ayers Group, we’ve listened to your concerns and we’ve found a solution.

From 5 December, we will be switching to our purpose-built, integrated HR platform that can be customised to meet your needs, save you time and provide greater live data that will enable you to grow your business and your profit margin.

Our new platform has a user-friendly, graphics-based dashboard from where you can access live margin reports detailing the profit and loss of every contractor you have working for you.

Additionally, by customising a portal for your business, Ayers Group can use the platform to instantly prepare payments based on your contractors’ approved timesheets and manage payroll obligations, supplier service fees and more. Importantly, it seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks, Xero and MYOB so that all transactions can be instantaneously imported into your existing accounting system. No manual data entry. No wasted time. No chance of error.

Our bespoke platform has been developed and refined over four years. After significant consideration, it’s our pick of the available software platforms for contractor management and we’re excited to support your needs by adding it to our suite of product offerings.

There’s nothing to do.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be phasing the new platform in and phasing out our existing online timesheet and payment processing system. Right now, there’s nothing for you to do – just keep an eye out for a link to the new system.

Ayers Can Help You Find a Solution.

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