Access skills

The Ayers Group can advise you on migration legislation, so you know whether the contractors you’re considering have the skills New Zealand’s authorities will accept.

Quick turnaround

Visa applications can be turned around and your contractors ready to work within four weeks thanks to the expertise of our experienced migration consultants.

Absolutely compliant

The Ayers Group has built a reputation on honesty, integrity and accuracy – this is your guarantee that our visa applications will be fully compliant.

Freedom to move

With the Ayers Group as your contractor’s sponsor, you have the freedom to move your contractors between jobs as and when required – we’ll manage the paperwork.

NZ Visa Solutions

There are growth opportunities for businesses right across New Zealand. The trick is to find the skilled workers you need, and like Australia, the visa application process can be complex and time-consuming to navigate.

The Ayers Group has worked in New Zealand since 2013 and our immigration experts have come up with countless legitimate solutions that have enabled talented international workers to live in the country either temporarily for up to five years, or permanently.

Our understanding of the visa process and our ability to on-hire international workers removes uncertainty, reduces risks and enables businesses like yours to move ahead, knowing they have the skills and experience they need.

Should you choose to use the Ayers Group to employ your contractors, you’ll reduce the risks and administrative responsibilities associated with sponsoring international workers. On top of that, you’ll be free to send your contractors to work on projects around the country as needed.

With accuracy and efficiency, we can manage your contractors’ visa applications by preparing and lodging the paperwork and following the process through to completion.

We can also assist them with contract establishments and ensuring they are compliant with payroll and tax obligations.

Our four-step streamlined visa process makes visa applications simple:

  • Step 1.  We assess and /or pre-approve the contractor’s application
  • Step 2. You make them a job offer
  • Step 3. We collect necessary documents and exchange contracts with you and your contractor
  • Step 4. Upon approval of the visa, you can get your contractor started!

Talk to the Ayers Group today about a solution to get your contractors working in New Zealand.

Ayers Can Help You Find a Solution.

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