Talent development

The Ayers Group helps your business grow by securing international workers who will share their skills and experience while developing their own in your workplace.

Affordable programs

Two-year training visas are an affordable option for young workers as the traditional 482 working visa requirement to secure a minimum annual salary of $80k does not apply.

Bring the family

The Ayers Group can help to arrange parent visas, enabling candidates with permanent residency to relocate their families to Australia.

Partner arrangements

The Ayers Group can help internationals with an Australian defacto to move to Australia on a temporary visa, and then pave the way for permanent residency.

Other visa solutions

If you’re looking to secure the services of an international worker who does not meet criteria required for a temporary or permanent visa, the Ayers Group can ease the way.

As experts in migration, we understand the legislation and all of the alternatives available. With accuracy and honesty, we can advise you, then where appropriate lodge your contractor’s application for a training, partner or family visas.

Training visa Subclass 407

The training visa subclass 407 enables internationals to develop their existing skills by taking on workplace-based occupational training in Australia.

This visa enables candidates to contribute their skills and experience to an Australian business while further developing their own skills on the job. Candidates may also undertake tertiary study, or a professional development training program.

The training visa subclass 407 enables candidates to live and train in Australia for up to two years.

The Ayers Group migration consultants can advise your contractor on the best path to obtaining a 407 visa and we can prepare, lodge and manage their application. We will also ensure their visa program remains compliant for the duration of their time in Australia.

Partner visa (temporary) Subclass 820

Internationals with a de facto partner or spouse who is an Australian citizen can apply for a visa to live in Australia temporarily. This visa is the first step towards a permanent Partner visa (subclass 801).

The Ayers Group experts in migration can consult your contractors on the fastest path to obtaining an 820 visa and can prepare, lodge and manage their application. If required, we can also connect your contractors with highly experienced migration lawyers to act on their behalf.

Parent visas

Living away from family can be emotionally challenging. However, once your candidate has settled into Australia and acquired permanent residency, the Ayers Group can help them to arrange a parent visa that will enable their family to relocate here as well.

With honesty and expertise, our migration consultants can assess eligibility for a parent visa then prepare and process your candidate’s application.

Bringing parents over on a parent visa can lead to permanent residence.

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