Comprehensive solutions

Our customised professional payroll solutions are designed to free you from the hassle of administration and reduce your risks.

Focussed on security

Our corporate payroll solutions are integrated with industry recognised security safeguards to ensure all data remains confidential.

Reporting in real time

With access to our online portal, you can review your online payroll system and download performance reports from anywhere, anytime.

Your branding

Our payroll solutions will be integrated into your business for greater accuracy and branded with your company details, for the most professional image.

Payroll outsourcing simplifies managed payroll

Keeping abreast of payroll legislation changes can be tricky to keep up to date with, you also need to be on top of different pay rates, hours, leave entitlements, superannuation, tax and more.

So why not hand it over to the experts and get back to building your business? Since 1998, the Ayers Group has been one of Australia’s leading payroll processing companies, developing processes and invested in customising a secure payroll solution that’s typically only accessible to larger organisations.

Our sophisticated online payroll solution is white labelled, so all your communications can be branded with your company details. What’s more, it can be integrated into your business to save time and reduce the risk of error associated with manual data re-entry.

Whether your contracted workers are locals or on visas, our workforce payroll system software can efficiently capture their hours, and interpret payable overtime and penalties. It can record and process annual, personal and long service leave entitlements, make third-party payments for PAYG and superannuation, and even calculate terminations and redundancies. It can also manage their salary sacrifice deductions such as car novated leasing, union fees, health funds, child support and more.

With speed and attention to detail, we’ll manage your organisation’s invoicing and expenses, and allocate costs to centres and departments according to your direction. We’ll also process your year-end reports, saving your accountant’s time and therefore, your money.

To help you manage and grow your business, you’ll have performance reports and analysis on tap, along with access to payroll data in real-time via our online portal. Furthermore, your contractors will also have an online portal, enabling them to set up new contracts, upload timesheets, check their pay, apply for leave and more – all without needing to bother your HR staff.

At the Ayers Group, we understand the importance of protecting you and your contractors from unauthorised access to data, its loss, alteration or misuse. That’s why our secure systems are integrated with industry recognised security safeguards to help protect every worker’s personal data – from bank account details through to their date of birth, home address, pay rate and more. Importantly, the master files of your records will be securely maintained for ongoing compliance.

Our Process

  • Stage 1. Review your current payroll processes and provide a quote
  • Stage 2. Perform a parallel pay run to ensure all areas are covered
  • Stage 3. Sign contracts
  • Stage 4. Transition your staff to the Ayers Group online platform to manage their payroll smoothly

Talk to the Ayers Group today about an outsourced payroll solution that will reduce your risks and return you time to focus on what you do best.


Payroll Outsourcing FAQs

What are the benefits of outsourcing my payroll?

The key benefits of outsourcing your payroll are efficiency and accuracy. Payroll processing is a time-consuming task, often taking up several hours a week for even small organisations. Outsourcing payroll to a specialist allows you to put that time into growing your business, not wasting it on repetitive administration. 

Equally, payroll – especially for contractors and other contingent workers – is a regulatorily complex process. With new legislation coming in yearly that your business must comply with, a simple human error could cost you big. Outsourcing your payroll ensures it’s being done by people who understand it best, minimising the risk of error. 

How much does it cost to outsource my company’s payroll?

The costs of outsourcing your company’s payroll can vary based on the number of employees and contractors you have, the nature of your industry and other factors inherent to your organisation. Calculating the price of outsourcing payroll also means considering what an error could cost your business if you kept it in-house. With fines running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for violating payroll, can you afford not to ensure that your payroll is always at its most accurate? 

Ayers Group prides itself on offering a competitive service that doesn’t compromise on accuracy or flexibility, so we invite you to discuss your needs with us to get a clearer idea of the costs associated with outsourcing.  

Can my payroll be outsourced efficiently?

Payroll can be outsourced very efficiently. Ayers Group prides itself on offering a service that smoothly integrates into your operations. Through the use of an intelligent online portal, contractors can quickly submit timesheets and leave requests for one-click approval, after which we’ll rapidly and precisely process payroll for the relevant employee. 

Through the same portal, you’ll be able to access powerful reporting functionality offering you deep insights into how much your company is spending on contractors for any given period. Our outsourced services not only make payroll more efficient; they make business decision making faster and more accurate.  

How does payroll outsourcing work?

Payroll outsourcing works similarly to processing payroll in-house, except you’ve got the support of a dedicated, professional team. Ayers Group will gather some information about your contractors including their hire date, pay rate and job title, before inviting them to sign into our online portal. From there, all they have to do is lodge their timesheets through the portal and await your approval. As soon as you approve their hours, it will be sent straight to us for processing, and we’ll pay them by direct debit in a timely manner.

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