Pay as you go

With no startup or exit fees for our contractor management services, the only time you’ll pay is when we process payroll for your contractors.

Reduce risks

The Ayers Group will minimise your risks with payroll systems and appropriate insurance policies to protect your business and your contractors.

Integrated for accuracy

We use online tools so there’s no need to manually input contract data, saving time and reducing the risk of error.

Fast and easy

We’ve customised an online contract management service that means contracts are ready to sign within hours of lodgement.

Back office solutions

There’s no doubt that Australia and New Zealand are lands of opportunity for private business yet sometimes the administrative and legislative obligations can make it all too hard. Not with the Ayers Group.

The Ayers Group simplifies life for business builders. Since 1998, we’ve partnered with entrepreneurs to help them establish successful, compliant businesses backed up by streamlined processes, sophisticated systems and strategic alliances that promote growth.

With honesty, accuracy and sophisticated processes we can provide insurance policies, payroll systems, contractual arrangements, superannuation and tax instalments. We can also help you manage tax liabilities, profit and loss, cash flow constraints, funding…the list goes on.

Our comprehensive back-office solution will reduce or even eliminate the need to hire back-office staff. Importantly, it enables your candidates to set themselves up and work on multiple contracts with efficiency. They can also lodge their timesheets, claim expenses and more, all online. Massively efficient, once we’ve received an approved timesheet, we’ll invoice your client as requested, and pay your contractor on the agreed day. Plus, because our payroll solution seamlessly integrates into your business, the data collected automatically merges into your accounting software, ready for your bookkeeper.

It’s a big business system that’s available to you – and importantly, it’s white labelled so that all communications with your staff, contractors, customers and suppliers can be branded with your logo for the most professional edge.

Our online referral system is another innovation that speeds things up when referring new workers as it reduces the number and length of questions your contractors need to make to manage paperwork.

As you’d expect all of our systems are backed up by a dedicated account manager, who is interested in your business and focused on your success.

Our Streamlined Back office Process

  • Stage 1. We’ll discuss your needs and demonstrate how our solution will work for you, from setting up timesheets, invoices, and payslips through to integration with your accounting package
  • Stage 2. Once contracts are signed, we’ll set your business up, ready to onboard your contractors for payroll.
  • Stage 3. Your first contractor will be signed up and paid on the agreed date.

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