Who is Ayers Management?

Ayers Management are an Australian based and owned company that specialise in payroll and contractor management solutions for contractors and clients.

How long have Ayers Management been in operation?

Ayers have been in operation since 1998.

When will I get paid?

Ayers Management runs a payroll every day (except public holidays). Therefore we aim to coincide with your agency or client payroll schedule to keep everything running smoothly.

I've got some expenses to claim, how do I do that?

If your expenses relate to your current contract then all you need to do is submit an online claim monthly and we’ll package this in your next salary payment. All claims must be relevant to your new contract role and must be substantiated with a tax receipt.

Is there a minimum period of time that I can utilise Ayers services?

No there is no minimum period of time; it’s completely up to you. There is no entry of exit fee’s for our services.

How long does it take to sign up for your services?

Due to our online contractor portal we’ve tried to make things as quick and as easy as possible. We’ll have you signed up in minutes so you can concentrate on your new contract role.

When do I have to provide timesheets?

It really depends on your contract role and what the client or the agency requires. However most contracts require a timesheet to be submitted (and approved) weekly.

How do I know when I'll be paid?

We’ll let you know the payroll schedule when you sign up for our services. You’ll be provided with an automated pay slip on payroll day.

Why do I have to provide a Worker's Comp / Income Protection Certificate if I'm engaging via a Pty Ltd Company?

Legally the employer has a responsibility to protect its employees in the workplace. Where you are operating via a Pty Ltd Company you are your own employer.

Will I still get paid if I don't get my timesheet approved?

You will need to provide us with an authorised timesheet prior to the timesheet cut off time so we can invoice and pay you on time.

Whose responsibility is it to get my timesheet approved?

It is your responsibility to chase up your approving manager to get your timesheet approved. Any delay in Ayers receiving a timesheet may result in a delayed payment to you.

Can Ayers find me a job?

Ayers are not a recruitment agency, however we do work with a number of Australia’s Recruitment companies, which can.

Do Ayers charge an entry fee to get me set up?

No, there are no entry or exit fee’s, just an ongoing Management Fee that is agreed up front.

Can I Salary Sacrifice Super?

Yes, we can organise additional super to be paid in to your super fund via Salary Sacrifice. To do this you’ll need to complete a super form that we can provide you.

How long does it take to get a 457 Business Visa?

Generally speaking once we’ve assessed your CV and Job Description and we’ve lodged your paperwork with DIBP (The Department Immigration Border Patrol) it takes 2-4 weeks for an approval.

Is Living Away From Home Allowance still applicable in Australia?

The simple answer is YES, however each scenario is different so we’ll need to discuss your situation with you to ensure you can claim it.

I've got a contact role in New Zealand, can you help me?

Yes we set up a company in New Zealand back in 2013 to help contractors in New Zealand.

What insurances am I covered for once I'm a contractor of Ayers?

As a PAYG contractor you are covered for Workers Comp, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

Can I utilise your services for other contracts?

Yes, all you need to do is put us in touch with your agency or company and we’ll sort out the paperwork.