A Guide to The 482 Visa in Australia

In March 2018, the 457 working Visa was abolished and replaced with the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visa (subclass 482). If you’d like more information regarding applying for the brand new 482 Visa in Australia, the dedicated team at The Ayers Group are here to support you with this simple guide.

Australia is one of the world’s most popular destinations for migrants, with many people choosing to relocate here for the great quality of life, incredible job opportunities and of course, the beautiful climate. It’s no surprise then, that recent decades have seen a large surge in immigration. Almost 30% of the population were born overseas, which is why the TSS Visa, previously known as the 457 visa, is one of the leading options for migrants, allowing them to live and work in Australia for a longer period of time.

What is The Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visa

The TSS Visa, formerly known as the 457 visa, enables employers to bring in skilled workers from overseas to fill positions for which they cannot source an appropriately skilled Australian. It aims to address temporary skill shortages, while also making sure that Australian laborer’s get priority.

The new program covers two categories:

  • Short term is issued for two years.
  • Medium term is issued for up to four years for “more focused occupation lists”.

If you are currently on the 457 visa, you’re still able to work until its expiry date, and provided that your occupation is on the immigration occupation list, you can apply for the new 482 Visa in Australia.

Who is Eligible for the Temporary Skill Shortage (tss) Visa?

In order to receive eligibility, you must be employed by a job that is featured on the Australian Skilled Occupation List. This is consistently updated to ensure that skilled working visa requirements reflect Australia’s economic and labour needs. Over 100 occupations on the list have caveats placed on them, a condition that needs to be met by yourself if you’re being sponsored. If you work for a company wanting to hire the best employees with a great skillset, the team at The Ayers Group can support you with migration solutions or remove the worries of payroll issues with our reliable payroll solutions.

Depending on your country of origin, you may have to take an English language test, although passport holders from Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, the UK and the USA are exempt from this. If you are relocating with your spouse/partner and children, they can be included in your application and will qualify as secondary applicants which enables them to live, work and study in Australia for the entire duration of your visa.

How to Apply for A TSS 482 Visa

Below are the stages involved in the 482 visa application process with the The Ayers Group:

  • Assess your eligibility for Sponsorship.
  • Secure yourself a minimum 6-month role.
  • Collect visa documents.
  • Following labour market testing (i.e. the employer advertises the position in two approved places for 28 days), nomination application is lodged.
  • Apply!

How Long Does The Application Process Take?

The processing times for the 482 Visa fluctuate frequently, but the processing times for The Ayers Group are categorised under the ‘Labour Agreement Stream’.

How The Ayers Group Management Can Help You Apply for a 482 TSS Visa

Our committed team can help you avoid stresses associated with the immigration process by guiding you through your application process in order to help you speed up your move and make your dreams a reality. We’re also about to assist you with transferring your current 457 visa or apply for a new visa.

Start a discussion with our team today by send us your questions via our contact form or call us on 1300 767 391 to find out how we can assist you.