As a contractor, maintaining accurate timesheets is critical to being paid for the work you’ve done on time, every time.

At the Ayers Group, we’re about to launch our new, online timesheet platform that’s been developed and refined over four years. It’s user-friendly and improves efficiencies, ensuring your timesheets are processed quickly, you’re paid on time and your payroll obligations are taken care of.

With the new platform, you’ll be able to access and update your timesheets from your Apple or Android smartphone to log your hours on the fly, 24/7. You’ll also have access to previous payslips and timesheets to help with maintaining your administration.

There’s nothing to do.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be phasing the new platform in, replacing our existing online timesheet system. Right now, there’s nothing for you to do – just keep an eye out for a link to the new system.

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