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The Ayers Group can smooth the path to obtaining permanent residency by connecting you with expert Migration lawyers.

Reunite with family

The Ayers Group has the expertise to assist you to settle your family into Australia.

Government assistance

With permanent residency, you will be eligible to access government benefits including child care, public education, and health services.


Having acquired permanent residency, you will be free to live overseas for two to five years and still return to Australia.

Permanent visa solutions

Australia is known as a land of opportunity. Settling into this vast country assures you and your family of an incredible future, whether you choose to live in cities, regional or coastal areas.

As a truly multicultural country, Australia welcomes people from all countries of the world, however, unless you already have rights to work here, you will need to possess skills and experience that are in short supply.

The Ayers Group has assisted international workers to settle in Australia for many years and, as one of few companies approved by the Department of Home Affairs (Immigration) to on-hire workers, we are able to smooth the way for visa applicants.

Our expert migration specialists will prepare, lodge and manage your visa application on your behalf.

Should you choose to be hired by the Ayers Group as an employee, you will be free to take on contracts as and where you wish, and we will simply manage your administration, ensure your compliance with Australian legislation and help you to maximise your earnings through salary sacrificing.

With your application underway, we can assist you with valuable advice about where to settle, visa opportunities for your partner and/ or family. Once your permanent residency is approved, you will also be able to leave the country for up to four years.

Skilled independent visa subclass 189

The skilled independent visa subclass 189 is available to workers and New Zealand citizens with skills that are needed in Australia. While you do not need to be sponsored, you do need to be invited by an employer to apply for this visa, which enables you to settle permanently, anywhere in Australia.

You must be under 45 to be invited and applicants other than New Zealand citizens must meet a points test.

Skilled Nominated visa Subclass 190

If you have particular skills and /or experience that are in demand in a state or territory of Australia, you may be able to apply for a skilled nominated visa subclass 190. This visa will enable you to live and work permanently in the state or territory requiring the skills however you will need to commit to living and working there for two years.

You must be under 45 years of age and you must be nominated by a company or government organisation to apply for this visa.

Employer Nomination Scheme visa Subclass 186

The employer nomination scheme visa subclass 186 enables skilled workers, who are nominated by their existing employer, to live and work permanently in Australia. In some instances, this visa is awarded to people over the age of 45.

Let our expert migration specialists prepare, lodge and manage your visa application on your behalf

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