Simple and easy

With a long-standing history in migration, the Ayers Group has developed a simple visa application process and a fair fee policy that is easy to understand.

Fee for success

No management fee will be charged for your application to be pre-approved which can be done in 24 hours.

No upfront management fee

Establishing a contract administration arrangement with the Ayers Group is free and fees are only payable once your visa is approved and your contract starts.

Easy out

Should your contract end earlier than anticipated, management fees are only payable for a minimum of the initial six months of your contract.

Simplify and reduce visa application fees

As experts in migration, the Ayers Group is able to save you considerable time, stress and money associated with applying for a temporary or permanent visa to live in Australia.

Our migration service includes pre-assessment and advice of your eligibility, preparation of your visa application lodgement and management, all of which is handled by experts in the field.

You will only pay a fee to the Ayers Group when your visa application is approved.

Fees for the administration associated with your contract work while living and working in Australia will be payable once contracts commence.

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