Minimise risk when entering a new contract

As an independent contractor your obligations and entitlements differ from those of a typical employee. Ultimately, you’re responsible for running your own business.

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The digital demand for streamlining recruitment processes

As a talent acquisition specialist, it’s important to recognise the essential role technology plays in the recruitment process. To ensure your workforce are differentiating themselves against the competition you must seek innovative ways to approach talent search and most importantly retention.

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Take the dread out of tax time

Tax season for contractors can be a daunting time. Having to consider payroll tax, your income tax and whether any tax rules have changed over the last 12 months is exhausting.

To ease the burden, we have put together a general guide on to how to get the most out of your return, and also suggest some habits you can form to make tax time easier into the future.

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Tap into international talent, minus the paperwork and risk

Sourcing and engaging the right staff for your business doesn’t always happen at a local level. Sponsoring overseas talent can be the answer but it is quite often put in the ‘too hard’ basket due to the copious amount of paperwork and administration it brings.

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Avoiding common Contractor pitfalls

While the lure of flexible work hours and great work life balance is an attractive benefit of being a contractor, there are many pitfalls you should avoid to ensure the longevity of your work freedom.

Time and time again we see contractors making the same mistakes, which form bad habits and can lead to long term problems.

Here are some Ayers tips to avoid common contractor pitfalls:

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Penalties for Payroll Non-Compliance

The payroll compliance landscape is constantly changing and making it increasingly difficult for businesses to meet their compliance obligations. This has seen enforcements issued by Fair Work Australia more than double between FY 2013–2015, delivering $1.9M in payments to employees.

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Want to earn yourself an extra $300?

We’ve introduced a Contractor Referral scheme which can earn you up to $300 Eftpos gift voucher each time you refer a colleague or friend that utilises our services.

If you want to find out more about how you can earn more money, please feel free to call one of the friendly Ayers Team on 02 9923 9900 or email: for further information

Ayery Mo’s

Once again we are delighted to be supporting Movember, a cause close to our hearts and one that proves as rewarding as it is fun.

We’ve got some great prizes up for grabs and of course, a goal to make 2015 our best collective effort yet to support men’s health in Australia.

So visit and register yourself, remember to share with family and friends and get ready to down those razors from November 1st.

Get your ‘Mo’ on!