Emotional Intelligence: What Does It Take?

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the latest buzzword in corporate circles and it’s something that every employer or contract manager is looking for in their hires. Quite simply, a person with emotional intelligence is someone who can identify and manage their emotions and the emotions of others.

Sounds straight forward enough, yet many people don’t have the ability to apply their emotions to tasks like thinking and problem solving; or to manage (ie regulate) their own emotions and help others do the same.

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Time to Take Control of your Taxes

How many times have you received a bill from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and shoved it aside, hoping it will disappear?

We all know that sinking feeling when an envelope arrives branded ATO and, despite the best of planning, there’s not enough cash in the tin to pay the bill inside.

But we also know tax payable to the ATO has to be paid. So… why put your head in the sand – you need to take control of your taxes now because what doesn’t hurt too much today will come back with a sting in its tail in the next few months.

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Benchmarking for Success: Are You Doing It?

Do you know how your business is performing compared to other similar businesses in your industry?

Do you want to identify opportunities to make it more successful than it already is?

Benchmarking is a great place to start – it’s the process of measuring your business’ performance in quantitative and qualitative terms to determine how it’s going.

Once you’ve done your benchmarking, you can compare it with your similar businesses in the sector… and that will help you identify opportunities to develop new products and services, or finesse your processes for greater efficiency, productivity and or quality.

Going forward, regular benchmarking will let you measure your business performance against previous quarters and years, so you can see the results of the action plans you implement and make further refinements.

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Excellence in Human Resources… How Do You Do It?

In August 2017, AssetLink and Blackmores were awarded the annual Australian Business Award for Human Resource Management.

The annual Australian Business Awards recognise organisations that have developed leading workplaces, which “maximise the full potential of their workforce through practices that demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention”.

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Tired eyes holding you back from working at your best?

If you work in front of a screen hour after hour, and enjoy spending your down-time on an iPad or smart phone, chances are you’re living with computer vision syndrome (dry eyes, headaches, stiff neck and shoulders, perhaps the odd loss of focus)… and you often feel more tired than you should. Read more

Getting Into the Business of Building Your Brand

It’s tempting to think you can avoid investing time and money into building a brand for your business. Yet your brand is at the heart of everything you do – it reflects your organisation’s product or service offering, quality, pricing, reputation, direction and motivation. And it communicates all of this to your staff (if you have any), your suppliers and your customers.

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Attract the Best Talent, Every time

Australia has 5.9% unemployment1… we’re constantly told about the number of people out there looking for work, yet when it comes to attracting the best talent to grow your business, it can feel impossible.

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