The complete solution

Our customised payroll solution will relieve you of your administrative burden as we manage your payroll, superannuation and tax obligations.

Secure and compliant

With a focus on security and compliance, we’ll ensure your data remains confidential and fully compliant with changing Australian legislation.

Extensive reporting

We will report back to you frequently with a comprehensive analysis of your payroll, so you can review performance and take the next stage to grow your business.

Branded systems

Our white labelled payroll system can be integrated into your business, for greater efficiencies and the most professional presentation.

Secure Managed Payroll

There’s no doubt about it – the more you grow, the more administration you have to deal with. But it does not have to become an ongoing difficulty for your business — it just requires you to ensure that your business is keeping up with its developing administrative needs.

With significant growth come shifts in the demands you’ll have of the payroll systems you rely on. Paying contractors, handling the complexities of permanent and part-time staffing — It can often prove difficult to build out an internal payroll management system that is capable of both serving your needs now and on into the future of your company. 

The team at Ayers are here to assist you in navigating the complexities of payroll management. We provide an effective and efficient service with assurance of security as your business evolves. Whether it involves expanding your roster of permanent staff, or drawing the talents and expertise of contractors, our payroll solutions can be tailored to your needs.

Managed Payroll Services – Handle Contractors with Ease

The Ayers Group has a secure solution that will take care of your staff payroll and your Australian tax obligations… and let you get back to building your business.

Since 1998 we’ve provided administrative solutions to contractors, recruitment agencies and businesses. During that time, we’ve invested in customising a payroll system that streamlines processes to maximise efficiencies and ensure compliance with changing Australian legislation. Importantly, our payroll system is white labelled so all communications we send on your behalf to your customers, suppliers and contractors can be branded with your company details.

The Ayers Group payroll solution provides benefits to your business and every company or individual you deal with. From capturing your employees and contractors hours, recording and processing annual, personal and long service accruals, calculating terminations and redundancies, and making third party payments for PAYG and superannuation, we’ve got all your workers payroll obligations covered. Our solution can also help them build their wealth by administering salary sacrifice deductions such as car novated leasing, union fees, health funds and child support.

As you’d expect, we’re equally efficient when it comes to managing your own administration. With accuracy and speed, we’ll manage your invoicing and expenses, and allocate your organisation’s costs to centres and departments according to your needs. We’ll report back to you on a regular basis with a comprehensive analysis of your payroll, and we’ll process your year-end reports, saving you from costly accountant’s fees.

We understand that data is essential for growing a business, so you’ll have access to performance reports and payroll data in real-time via our online portal. Furthermore, your contractors can go online to upload timesheets, check their pay, apply for leave and more – all without the need to involve your HR staff.

Optimised Data Security

At the Ayers Group data security is a given – in fact it’s one of our top priorities because we realise the importance of protecting you and your contractors from unauthorised access to data, its loss, alteration or misuse. Our systems are integrated with industry recognised security safeguards to help protect every contractors’ personal data – from bank account details through to their date of birth, home address, pay rate and more. Plus our system will integrate into your accounting software, the risk of error associated with manual data re-entry is significantly reduced. As you’d expect, the master files of your records will be securely maintained for ongoing compliance.

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