Fast and flexible

Within four weeks our migration experts can have visa applications approved and your contractors ready to be placed around the country.

Skills to grow

The Ayers Group gives you access to skills and expertise not available in New Zealand, providing unsurpassed opportunities to grow your business.

Compliant solution

With fully compliant solutions and access to experienced migration advice, if required, we can assist your contractors to acquire permanent residency and migrate their family.

Free and flexible

With the Ayers Group as your contractors' sponsor, you’ll be free to switch them from one contract to another, right across the country and for up to five years.

NZ Working visa solutions

There are many business-building opportunities for recruitment agencies and professional businesses looking to place contractors in New Zealand. However, like Australia, the visa application process can be challenging and time-consuming to navigate.

The Ayers Group has worked in New Zealand since 2013 and our immigration experts have provided visa solutions for countless international workers. Our knowledge of the legislative process and our ability to on-hire international workers removes uncertainty and enables recruitment companies and businesses to contract international workers for projects in New Zealand faster than ever before. Should you choose to use the Ayers Group to employ your contractors, you’ll reduce the risks and administrative responsibilities associated with sponsoring international workers. Yet you’ll be free to place your contractors in roles around the country as needed.

Whether the circumstances are straightforward or complex, we can manage your contractors’ visa applications by preparing and lodging the paperwork and following the process through to completion.

We can also assist them to ensure they are compliant with payroll and tax obligations.

Our four-step streamlined visa process is designed to make visa applications simple:

  • Step 1.  We assess and /or pre-approve the contractor’s application
  • Step 2. You make them a job offer
  • Step 3. We collect necessary documentation and exchange contracts with you and your contractor
  • Step 4. Upon approval of the visa, you can get your contractor started!

Talk to the Ayers Group today about a solution to get your contractors working in New Zealand.

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